Powerful Prayer to Saint Rita for Impossible Cases


The feast of St. Rita is May 22. She is the patroness of impossible causes, difficult marriages, infertility and parenthood.

O powerful St Rita, you are called the Saint of the impossible, the number one advocate of desperate cases, help in the last moment of life, consolation in sorrow and iris of hope in the terrible trials that drag us to the margins of despair and wrongdoing; trusting completely in your might, I run to you with the desperate situation that unexpectedly assails my agonised heart.
Is it possible, loving Saint, that you wouldn’t like to help me in this most difficult circumstance? Will you deny me your consolation in this moment of need? Is it possible that you have turned away from me and that compassion does not flow from a heart so tested by sorrow? You know well and understand perfectly what a martyred heart suffers.
Most beloved Saint, through the atrocious pains you suffered, the bitter tears you shed, O, come to my aid, help me.  [Here mention your request] Pray, intercede and insist for me before the Heart of God, the Father of mercy and font of all consolation. Obtain for me the grace that I arduously desire if you believe I need it. I beg you fervently. Amen.
3 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Marys, 3 Glory be


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